Monday, July 4, 2011


I have received my new packet from the program. I have my flight and hotel information as well as a detailed itinerary for the couple days that we will be there. At this point this blog is on "live" time but I will document everything that I can. I'm not sure if there are rules on posting the medication details and doctor information so until I know I will be leaving names out of the loop until I get permission from them. Trust me, I will ask as soon as I get there.

Prior to my arrival that morning for the first tests I've been instructed to eat 300 grams of carborhabrates a day and to fast for 10 hours the evening before for the Glucose Tolerance test.

Day 1 (July 14th)

--arrive at hospital--
MRI Scan (1 hour)
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (3 hours)
Dexa Scan (1 hour)
Dietary Specialist (2 hours)
--admitted to hospital over night--

Day 2 (July 15th)

Frequntly Sampled Intravenous Glucose Tolerance (4 hours)
VO2 Max Test (1 hour)
--released from hospital--

I don't know what their peramiters are on each test to ensures if I qualify. This is the last part that I have to "pass" to progress in the study.

I plan to post in detail from the time we leave Florida and through out the week I am there. Some posts may be done via mobile.

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