Monday, July 4, 2011


June 27, 2011 - Monday

I was deep into my Monday at work when I got the call. She informed me that I indeed qualified. Yay! Now what?

She told me the next step is the final qualification which takes place at their facility in Illinois, which is quite a trip from Florida. She informed me that she would be purchasing a ticket for me and setting up lodging. My husband insisted that I was not to go alone so I told her that I needed to know the specifics before she make the reservations so that I could coordinate the two tickets together.

After a couple of hours she called again and together we chose a flight plan that matched. I found a round trip ticket for only $303. She had to schedule appointments with the specialists first so we held off until she called me back.

She didn't call back until the next day and unfortunately, the ticket prices doubled over night. Now I was facing a $600 expense that we couldn't really afford. After weighing our options, Matthew and I decided to proceed. The opportunity to see these specialists and test out weighed the cost. We figured that in the end, we would break even financially but along with the PCOS Treatment.

I called her back and we make the reservations. We will fly out of Florida on Wednesday, July 13th and return home Saturday, July 16th.

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