Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chicago or Bust

4am... ugh and double ugh! I am sooooo not a morning person!

5am... dropped off at airport.

7am... boarding plane. Wow, this is a small plane! Suck it in. Lol
Matt got the window seat and his big head kept blocking my view. Lol

8:30am... arrive in Charlotte, NC.  We had an hour to kill so we ate at a little diner in the airport.

10am... in air heading to Chicago. This plane was bigger but still tight. The study program could only book my ticket so when we bought matt's ticket, we were assigned in different spots of the plane. Prior to boarding, matt scoped out everyones tickets and found the guy that was to sit next to him and got him to switch seats. What a sweetie. :)

12pm... in the cab driving towards the big buildings. "Current Fare: $47" ??? What?!?! Good thing the study pays for it. Whew!

We checked into our hotel the study got for us and found out everything is in walking distance. Even Walgreen's which was our first stop since nobody told me airports toss out lotions, shampoos and toothpaste.

Shame on you all for not warning me! Ha ha j/k

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