Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 1

As mentioned in a previews post, they changed my MRI test to the same day we flew in. After we settled the hotel arrangements, matt and I pulled out the map they mailed us and the MRI was only a couple of blocks away. We walked there and had to ring a doorbell. A woman surfaced but she wasn't helpful. All she said was that the study usually walks us over so she couldn't help me. We pulled out the packet and called the study. She gave me the address but it was a couple blocks back by our hotel.
Matt was slightly irritated but I think he was just hungry.

We entered the building and the doorman sent us up to the 5th floor. When we walked in all the staff were super friendly, all women. They took us back to the office and reviewed the study with us again. They went over all the tests and risks of every test. For instance they reviewed the risks for getting a MRI done. Nothing that I worry about or what most people worry about.

She then reviewed the 3 different groups for the study. I will never be told which group I am part of but I may be able to tell because side effects of treatment, or lack of, may have me guessing.

1. Medication (PROS treatment medication)
2. Simple birth control pills
3. Placebo aka sugar pills

Matthew is hoping I get the drug of course. The side effects of this drug are the typical side effects you hear for most drugs... nausea, vomiting, liver problems, don't take if getting pregnant, etc. However if any of these symptoms surface, they cease the drug and probably me as a participant. This is with the exception of nausea.
She did say these side effects occurs in a low percentage so chances are I wont see them. I hate throwing up so I hope so. :)

After the review and paperwork was done, they walked me back over to get the MRI. I must admit that I was really anxious. The only MRIs that I have done were open ones. This one was a closed on. I had to get naked except for my panties and sock and put on a gown. The nurse explained that he would be doing a full body scan and that it would take around an hour but it would be broken up. A little to reposition my body.
Both positions I laid on my belly.

First one my feet was to go in first. He was going to do the toes to my hips. He wrapped a Velcro belt around my ankles to keep them in place. This was nice because my head was on a pillow outside of the machine so I didn't really feel like I was in it. I actually dozed off during that part. Thirty minutes in, he returned to the room and had me switch sides so that my head would go First. Actually my hands First. He had me lay my arms and hands above my head so I was completely outstretched. This was pretty uncomfortable but I managed. He scanned my fingers down to the hips again with having me hold my breath once, probably for the lungs.
Finally it was over and I got dressed. I joined matt in the waiting room. They told me I was done for the day and to report back to the study office tomorrow at 8:30am.

We were tired and hungry. Matt wanted to try one of these Chicago pizzas so we ate at a pizza place on our walk back to the hotel. No, we found out that we are not fans of the Chicago style pizza but at least we weren't hungry anymore. We returned to hotel and I literally crashed in bed. I don't know if it was the traveling, anxiety of the MRI or maybe both but I was out!

Around 8pm, Matt woke me so we could eat dinner. We walked past Walgreen's to this building that was supposed to be a mall. Didn't look like it but sure enough, it was. We ate at a restaurant there and the food was great!

Once we walked through the hotel door, we pretty much crashed. I was to fast at this point for the next days tests.


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