Monday, July 4, 2011

An Invitation

About a month ago, I got a strange call from a foreign woman. She introduced herself as a team member for a college in Illinois that was assisting in a medical study on PCOS. She had my information from my doctors years ago (yes I had given the doctor a that time permission to pass his findings on) and had my information on record. They were launching a new study on a PCOS treatment and wanted to know if I would like participate.

I asked her was was involved. She then went on to explain that participation consists of a lot of blood work, MRI scans, visits with specialists and eventually a particular medication. However I had to qualify via blood work before I could be accepted in the program.

After speaking with my husband we decided to look into it. After all, the first part was just a simple blood test and I figured this would give me time to show the information to my new Endocrinologist. If I qualify, they were going to fly me up to Illinois for more tests. Once I qualify across the board, then we review the details on the medication. Now it's important to mention that the medication they are doing the study on is already on the market so it's not like it's a weird medication and i'm the first human to take it. I'll post more on that as I go.

I must admit that it was very hard to pass up being that all my expenses will be paid including travel, food, labs, scans and the specialist visits. Just having the opportunity to have a doctor who specializes in the very problem I have is valuable to me!

They mailed me the paper work and after Matthew and I both reviewed it carefully, I signed the first agreement for the first blood work test.

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