Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 2

We had to be at the Doctor's office at 8:30am so Matt had me up bright and early the next morning. We had to check out so we quickly packed everything up and started walking the couple of blocks down the road.

NOTE: We each only took a backpack so that we didn't have to carry suitcases. Much easier all the way around.

We arrived at their office around 8:15am. They took a pregnancy test, negative. They put me in a room and put an IV in my arm. The nurse that did the IV was awesome! I didn't even feel the needle go in at all. That was Crazy!

They set up a couple of timers and took a sample of blood. Then they handed me a small bottle of this orange drink. I can't remember what it's called but it tasted like melted jolly ranchers. YUCK! I had to drink that under a minute. I think I did it but Matt says it took a little more than two minutes. Then they set the alarm. They proceeded to draw a blood sample every 30 minutes for 3 hours.

CAUTION: If ever participate in a similar study make sure you review the whole process in detail with them before you begin. My position is that I do not want blood. Once it leaves my body, I do not want it put back in. The same goes for blood transfusions. The equipment they use has it set up with a secondary syringe that pulls blood first before the actual sample. Then they push that blood back in. We had to request to just throw that syringe away. They were accommodating but it threw a kink in the plan. I was sorry I didn't think about it before so they would have been prepared. 

Three hours later they took my last blood samples. YAY! I was escorted to the hospital to check in to my room. We were given vouchers for food and another taxi booklet to pay for cab rides. All the doctors and nurses were super nice. The hospital room was nice. It was private with a sofa that turned into a bed for Matt. It also had a large bathroom with our own shower.

We set our things down and got checked in. We were starving... remember I had to fast. We went to the cafeteria. They had a large collection of different types of food. We made our selection and while paying, I got light headed and shaky. Matt had to help me to sit down. I should have taken it slow. After I ate I did feel better.

We returned to my room to be escorted to get a DEXA scan. This is a bone density scan. This was a simple test.. just lay on a bed and it scans ya. Matt was there with me and it only took a few minutes. When we were done we went back to our room and got tucked in for the night.

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