Sunday, November 27, 2011

Missing In Action

Hi everyone!

I'm so sorry for being MIA the past couple of months. I had gotten sick and they did more layoffs & pay cuts at work (I wasn't laid off but I did receive a pay cut).

We're still trying to adjust and unfortunatly may have to alter our living expenses accordingly but we'll make it through!

I've run across some cool articles and studies on PCOS that I'm going to post. I hope you all enjoy them and that it helps your pcos treatments!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 7

This is day 7 on Metformin...

So far I had one bad day on Metformin, Day 3. Other than that it's been okay. I am experiences diarrhea (sorry I know, too much info) but I can deal with that.

Monday I started tracking my eating habits and started walking 1 mile each day. Here are my starting goals:

* Morning Weigh In
* Eat Breakfast
* Eat Lunch
* Take 15 Minute Break From Work (to keep stress down)
* Eat Dinner
* Take 1 Pill (500mg Metformin)
* Walk 1 Mile
* Drink 64oz Water Throughout The day
* Evening Weigh In

I'm not writing down what I eat yet. Nutritionist wants me to just focus on actually eating at every meal and drinking enough water with the daily exercise.

Today I'm not feeling well good. I do have the nausea again. I hate this part but I am grateful that it's not happening everyday!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello Metformin

This is it... my first day on Metformin. I made sure I ate a full meal at dinner. Let it settle for a little while and down the hatch it goes. I just took one pill. She said to start with one pill a day to help get over the side effects.

It's been about 3 hours and so far so good. I feel a little nauseous but I think it's all in my head at the moment. LOL

I took tomorrow off just in case. I figure that atleast three days without having to be anywhere will make it easier to adjust to the side effects just in case.

Tomorrow I start on my exercise program. I am to start with walking so I'm going to do my Walk-A-Mile DVD every day for a week and then add in another to get started. I would walk outside but it's just way too hot right now here in Florida. Ugh!

Monday I start the diet. I will post more on that later this weekend. I still haven't laid it all out yet. *sigh*

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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Hard Decision

It's been a couple of week's since the visit to Chicago to initiate the PCOS Study. I have visited my Endocrinologist since then and we sat down together to review the study in detail. She explained the drug to me and assured me that it would not hurt me however, she advised me that I should be on a stronger medication.

She wants to put me on Metformin. UGH!! I hate Metformin. The study drug is good and she will be interested in seeing the results however it's no where close to the kind of progress that Metformin has on women with PCOS.

She sat down with Matthew as well and together they would like me to come off the study and start on the Metformin immediately. Now she wasn't going to force me of course but the PCOS has advanced enough recently that she feels we need to get better control of it right away. I must admit that I am having a flare up of cysts right now but I just feel awful about ditching the study. They were so wonderful there and the thought of being part of something that would lead to a medication to help provide some kind of relief to women around the world was very exciting!

I feel like I'm betraying the doctors there. Matthew keeps assuring me that this is what they do and that he's sure this happens more than I realize but I feel horrible about it.

My Endocrinologist did say that it would be a great study for women that have gone down the Metformin path and/or don't have insurance. The drug being studied is Flutamide, which is a drug they give men. She said she doesn't feel it's as good as Metformin but it would help relieve some of the symptoms such as excessive hair growth.

I know that none of these drugs is a cure but I'm down with anything that gives you some kind of relief.

It's taken Matthew and I a couple of weeks to talk and ponder this choice but we have decided to stick with my Endocrinologist. Our main goal is to have a baby and her course would be the faster path and the path with the faster relief.

I will be placed on a strict diet, much like the PCOS study had me on, and we are going start on the time released formula of Metformin. I'm dreading it!

Tomorrow is the appointment that we inform her and get the prescriptions ordered. Next step is to inform the study group...

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

PCOS Women Needed

I got permission to share the contact information. They are in deed looking for more participants but are also looking for healthy women as controls and fathers & brothers of PCOS women.


Hope it helps.

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Goodbye Chicago

Check out wasn't until noon so Matthew let me sleep in. I was very grateful for I needed the sleep. It had been a few days since I had a real good restful sleep.

Our flight took off around 2pm. Chicago was a neat city but I'm not sure i'd want to live there. I suppose i'm a Florida girl all the way. :)

What surprised me was how pretty Chicago was. Perhaps we were in a nicer part of town but there wasn't any litter or bums on the street like you see on TV or in movies. With the nice weather it was pleasant to walk around. We didn't have much time to really sight see but we plan to the next time we go. I'm a little apprehensive about the next long trip there. First of all I don't look forward to all the testing again but it will also be winter time. That means snow. ugh. lol

We are glad to be home however it'll be interesting to see how the medication goes. The pills are pretty big and i'm a bit nervous about taking them but hopefully I'll manage.

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Day 3

Sleeping in a hospital is tough. The bed was okay but there's something about it. 6am rolled around too soon. Matthew was up already, he's an early bird, and showered. He got me up and I got cleaned up. Shortly after the nurses came in to start my IVs. Today is the day they were going to do the Glucose test via IV.

On my right arm, she got it in my vein quickly and easily. The left arm wasn't so easy. She tried twice and didn't get it. She called in another nurse and she too tried twice... nothing. They said they were going to get the "professional" and that she was... she got it on the first try. I must say my arm is still sore and bruised from the attempts but it's okay.

The key to this test is timing. When put in the glucose, they have to draw blood every single minute for a bit, then up it to every two minutes, then up to every five minutes, then ten... for 3 hours. A nurse sat with me throughout the duration ready to draw blood. They kept a heating pack on my left arm to keep the blood flow going. Fortunately there was no hiccups for the duration. I did feel slightly light headed but I was laying in bed watching TV so it was okay.

Towards the end when times between draws were to be 10 minutes in between, a nutritionist came in. She introduced herself to us and proceeded to to a rest test. She put this plastic bubble around my head. I was to relax and breath normally for ten minutes. This test was going to detect how many calories I burn in a restful state. It wasn't a big deal. I was completely relaxed and continued to watch TV.

When the test was done, they did another blood draw. When that was done she spent some time with us asking all these questions about my diet and exercise. She took notes and said she wanted to review the information and she would return later on in the afternoon.

After the blood was drawn and all needles far away from me... finally... I got up and got dressed. We went downstairs to the lunch room. It was good to eat. I was starving.

After lunch, the nutritionist returned and reviewed my special diet plan. She did say each study patient's plan is different depending on their current diet. The first step in my plan is to eat consistently. I currently  have a problem making myself eat breakfast and lunch. She wants to see me eat each at each meal. After that I am to concentrate on eating better. Smaller portions and more veggies and fruit. Also, I have to lay off Coke. UGH! After this visit one of the doctors came with my medication. There was two bottles. One I am to take two pills in the morning and two in the evening. The other bottle I was to just take one in the evening. Let me tell you, these pills are HUGE!!!

She then escorted us out of the hospital and down a couple of blocks for my stress test. Now i've never done a stress test before so I wasn't sure what to expect. The doctor and Matthew had to stay in the waiting room while I was getting ready. We went into a room with a big treadmill. She had me put this mouth piece in my mouth. It looked like a scuba mouth piece. It was attached to a long tube that ran to this computer. It hooked onto a head piece that was put on my head to hold it in place. Then she pinched my nose with some kind of pinchers. Now those hurt! She had wires taped to my chest and ribs to monitor my vitals.

At this point they invited the doctor and Matthew in the room. I couldn't see them but I was trying not to smile. I knew Matt was. ha ha

They started the test. I was walking slowly. No big deal. After about three minutes they increased the speed and the incline. Still not too bad. My breathing was a little more intense. After another few minutes they increased speed and incline again. Now things were getting tougher. For some reason I signaled to keep going, so she again increased speed and incline. My legs were starting to shake and breathing labored. Shortly after that I gave her the signal that I was done. She wouldn't let me stop altogether but slowly brought the treadmill down. She wanted my blood pressure and oxygen level to return to normal. I'd say it was bout 18 minutes worth. I was sooooooo glad those horrible nose pinchers were off my nose!

I was still kinda shaky as we walked back to the hospital. The doctor walked us back to my room and we said our goodbyes. This was the last test for the trip. She told me that she would calling me every week to check my progress and that I would be back in September.

I must say that all the doctors and nurses involved were extremely nice. It was kinda neat to have the actual doctor spend so much time with me. I'm so used to dealing with nurse and only talking to a doctor for a minute or two. This was a nice change. :)

We repacked our stuff in our backpacks and said our goodbyes to the nurses. We took our cab vouchers and after a new minutes, we found a taxi and made our way back to the airport. It was in rush hour in the evening so this ride took about an hour. The driver was friendly though.

We got there and checked in to the hotel there. It was nice to relax in a comfortable bed. Soon enough we were tucked in bed and sleeping well. Tomorrow means home. We were ready to be home.

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Day 2

We had to be at the Doctor's office at 8:30am so Matt had me up bright and early the next morning. We had to check out so we quickly packed everything up and started walking the couple of blocks down the road.

NOTE: We each only took a backpack so that we didn't have to carry suitcases. Much easier all the way around.

We arrived at their office around 8:15am. They took a pregnancy test, negative. They put me in a room and put an IV in my arm. The nurse that did the IV was awesome! I didn't even feel the needle go in at all. That was Crazy!

They set up a couple of timers and took a sample of blood. Then they handed me a small bottle of this orange drink. I can't remember what it's called but it tasted like melted jolly ranchers. YUCK! I had to drink that under a minute. I think I did it but Matt says it took a little more than two minutes. Then they set the alarm. They proceeded to draw a blood sample every 30 minutes for 3 hours.

CAUTION: If ever participate in a similar study make sure you review the whole process in detail with them before you begin. My position is that I do not want blood. Once it leaves my body, I do not want it put back in. The same goes for blood transfusions. The equipment they use has it set up with a secondary syringe that pulls blood first before the actual sample. Then they push that blood back in. We had to request to just throw that syringe away. They were accommodating but it threw a kink in the plan. I was sorry I didn't think about it before so they would have been prepared. 

Three hours later they took my last blood samples. YAY! I was escorted to the hospital to check in to my room. We were given vouchers for food and another taxi booklet to pay for cab rides. All the doctors and nurses were super nice. The hospital room was nice. It was private with a sofa that turned into a bed for Matt. It also had a large bathroom with our own shower.

We set our things down and got checked in. We were starving... remember I had to fast. We went to the cafeteria. They had a large collection of different types of food. We made our selection and while paying, I got light headed and shaky. Matt had to help me to sit down. I should have taken it slow. After I ate I did feel better.

We returned to my room to be escorted to get a DEXA scan. This is a bone density scan. This was a simple test.. just lay on a bed and it scans ya. Matt was there with me and it only took a few minutes. When we were done we went back to our room and got tucked in for the night.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 1

As mentioned in a previews post, they changed my MRI test to the same day we flew in. After we settled the hotel arrangements, matt and I pulled out the map they mailed us and the MRI was only a couple of blocks away. We walked there and had to ring a doorbell. A woman surfaced but she wasn't helpful. All she said was that the study usually walks us over so she couldn't help me. We pulled out the packet and called the study. She gave me the address but it was a couple blocks back by our hotel.
Matt was slightly irritated but I think he was just hungry.

We entered the building and the doorman sent us up to the 5th floor. When we walked in all the staff were super friendly, all women. They took us back to the office and reviewed the study with us again. They went over all the tests and risks of every test. For instance they reviewed the risks for getting a MRI done. Nothing that I worry about or what most people worry about.

She then reviewed the 3 different groups for the study. I will never be told which group I am part of but I may be able to tell because side effects of treatment, or lack of, may have me guessing.

1. Medication (PROS treatment medication)
2. Simple birth control pills
3. Placebo aka sugar pills

Matthew is hoping I get the drug of course. The side effects of this drug are the typical side effects you hear for most drugs... nausea, vomiting, liver problems, don't take if getting pregnant, etc. However if any of these symptoms surface, they cease the drug and probably me as a participant. This is with the exception of nausea.
She did say these side effects occurs in a low percentage so chances are I wont see them. I hate throwing up so I hope so. :)

After the review and paperwork was done, they walked me back over to get the MRI. I must admit that I was really anxious. The only MRIs that I have done were open ones. This one was a closed on. I had to get naked except for my panties and sock and put on a gown. The nurse explained that he would be doing a full body scan and that it would take around an hour but it would be broken up. A little to reposition my body.
Both positions I laid on my belly.

First one my feet was to go in first. He was going to do the toes to my hips. He wrapped a Velcro belt around my ankles to keep them in place. This was nice because my head was on a pillow outside of the machine so I didn't really feel like I was in it. I actually dozed off during that part. Thirty minutes in, he returned to the room and had me switch sides so that my head would go First. Actually my hands First. He had me lay my arms and hands above my head so I was completely outstretched. This was pretty uncomfortable but I managed. He scanned my fingers down to the hips again with having me hold my breath once, probably for the lungs.
Finally it was over and I got dressed. I joined matt in the waiting room. They told me I was done for the day and to report back to the study office tomorrow at 8:30am.

We were tired and hungry. Matt wanted to try one of these Chicago pizzas so we ate at a pizza place on our walk back to the hotel. No, we found out that we are not fans of the Chicago style pizza but at least we weren't hungry anymore. We returned to hotel and I literally crashed in bed. I don't know if it was the traveling, anxiety of the MRI or maybe both but I was out!

Around 8pm, Matt woke me so we could eat dinner. We walked past Walgreen's to this building that was supposed to be a mall. Didn't look like it but sure enough, it was. We ate at a restaurant there and the food was great!

Once we walked through the hotel door, we pretty much crashed. I was to fast at this point for the next days tests.


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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chicago or Bust

4am... ugh and double ugh! I am sooooo not a morning person!

5am... dropped off at airport.

7am... boarding plane. Wow, this is a small plane! Suck it in. Lol
Matt got the window seat and his big head kept blocking my view. Lol

8:30am... arrive in Charlotte, NC.  We had an hour to kill so we ate at a little diner in the airport.

10am... in air heading to Chicago. This plane was bigger but still tight. The study program could only book my ticket so when we bought matt's ticket, we were assigned in different spots of the plane. Prior to boarding, matt scoped out everyones tickets and found the guy that was to sit next to him and got him to switch seats. What a sweetie. :)

12pm... in the cab driving towards the big buildings. "Current Fare: $47" ??? What?!?! Good thing the study pays for it. Whew!

We checked into our hotel the study got for us and found out everything is in walking distance. Even Walgreen's which was our first stop since nobody told me airports toss out lotions, shampoos and toothpaste.

Shame on you all for not warning me! Ha ha j/k

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Packing for Chicago

Matthew and I are getting ready for the trip. I got email confirmation from the study facilitiy. I'm going to check in online at the airline after this.

They did switch up my MRI appointment from Thursday morning to Wednesday at 2pm. So we arrive in Chicago around noon and then we rush to the hospital for the first test. So much for relaxing before the hospital. I can't complain though. I am anxious to get it going. I have a list of questions to ask the doctors while I'm there.

Also, I want to shout out to my fellow PCOS ladies. You all are beautiful and wonderful! Keep your chin up and always look on the bright side, even if you are curled up in bed, crampin', teary eyed and ready to kill the hubby (lol) for no real good reason... just punch through it. :)

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Monday, July 4, 2011


I have received my new packet from the program. I have my flight and hotel information as well as a detailed itinerary for the couple days that we will be there. At this point this blog is on "live" time but I will document everything that I can. I'm not sure if there are rules on posting the medication details and doctor information so until I know I will be leaving names out of the loop until I get permission from them. Trust me, I will ask as soon as I get there.

Prior to my arrival that morning for the first tests I've been instructed to eat 300 grams of carborhabrates a day and to fast for 10 hours the evening before for the Glucose Tolerance test.

Day 1 (July 14th)

--arrive at hospital--
MRI Scan (1 hour)
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (3 hours)
Dexa Scan (1 hour)
Dietary Specialist (2 hours)
--admitted to hospital over night--

Day 2 (July 15th)

Frequntly Sampled Intravenous Glucose Tolerance (4 hours)
VO2 Max Test (1 hour)
--released from hospital--

I don't know what their peramiters are on each test to ensures if I qualify. This is the last part that I have to "pass" to progress in the study.

I plan to post in detail from the time we leave Florida and through out the week I am there. Some posts may be done via mobile.

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June 27, 2011 - Monday

I was deep into my Monday at work when I got the call. She informed me that I indeed qualified. Yay! Now what?

She told me the next step is the final qualification which takes place at their facility in Illinois, which is quite a trip from Florida. She informed me that she would be purchasing a ticket for me and setting up lodging. My husband insisted that I was not to go alone so I told her that I needed to know the specifics before she make the reservations so that I could coordinate the two tickets together.

After a couple of hours she called again and together we chose a flight plan that matched. I found a round trip ticket for only $303. She had to schedule appointments with the specialists first so we held off until she called me back.

She didn't call back until the next day and unfortunately, the ticket prices doubled over night. Now I was facing a $600 expense that we couldn't really afford. After weighing our options, Matthew and I decided to proceed. The opportunity to see these specialists and test out weighed the cost. We figured that in the end, we would break even financially but along with the PCOS Treatment.

I called her back and we make the reservations. We will fly out of Florida on Wednesday, July 13th and return home Saturday, July 16th.

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Glucose Tolerance

June 21, 2011, a Tuesday...

My first blood work test was scheduled this morning at the hospital. I didn't know what to expect but I took my laptop and husband along with me just in case.

We arrived around 10 am and managed to find the lab. The girl that checked us in was pretty annoying. She didn't know how to do anything when it came to the paperwork. Matthew kept giving me those "and she's a nurse???" kind of looks. Once another nurse surfaced the explained how this test works...

Glucose Tolerance Test

A week ahead of time, I was instructed to eat atleast 300 grams of carbrohydrates each day for 3 days prior to the test. The evening before the test, I was to fast for 10 hours.

Once at the lab, they took some blood and then I had to drink a small bottle of this orange sugar water. Now for me, this was tough. That was so disgusting! Matthew says it took me atleast 10 minutes to get it down. What was hard was that I wasn't going to be able to drink water afterwards either. It tasted like melted down jelly ranchers. I was afraid I would throw up however, I managed just fine.

I was told that I had to stay at the hospital but I could roam around for the next 2 hours. We found the lobby with tables and set up my computer to serf the web while we waited. Around noon we reported back to the lab and they took my blood once again.

That was it. Now we just had to wait to heaf from the PCOS Treatment study to see if I qualified.

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An Invitation

About a month ago, I got a strange call from a foreign woman. She introduced herself as a team member for a college in Illinois that was assisting in a medical study on PCOS. She had my information from my doctors years ago (yes I had given the doctor a that time permission to pass his findings on) and had my information on record. They were launching a new study on a PCOS treatment and wanted to know if I would like participate.

I asked her was was involved. She then went on to explain that participation consists of a lot of blood work, MRI scans, visits with specialists and eventually a particular medication. However I had to qualify via blood work before I could be accepted in the program.

After speaking with my husband we decided to look into it. After all, the first part was just a simple blood test and I figured this would give me time to show the information to my new Endocrinologist. If I qualify, they were going to fly me up to Illinois for more tests. Once I qualify across the board, then we review the details on the medication. Now it's important to mention that the medication they are doing the study on is already on the market so it's not like it's a weird medication and i'm the first human to take it. I'll post more on that as I go.

I must admit that it was very hard to pass up being that all my expenses will be paid including travel, food, labs, scans and the specialist visits. Just having the opportunity to have a doctor who specializes in the very problem I have is valuable to me!

They mailed me the paper work and after Matthew and I both reviewed it carefully, I signed the first agreement for the first blood work test.

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A Husbands Perspective

 My name is Matthew; I'm Jackie's husband. I wont try to speak intelligently on the medical side of things but I can at least talk a little bit about what it's like being Jackie's husband. I'm not going to presume that every woman that has PCOS experiences the same things or is effected in the same ways. Having said that, I'm sure that every husband of a PCOS patient experiences something different. There must be some similarities though. If so, then this may help a young husband who finds himself overwhelmed by the challenges of living with PCOS.

   For starters, all women are crazy! Men and women can be so different that it's hard for any couple when they're first married. Whether it's a T.V. show, your dad, your buddies, or your own experience growing up with women in the household most guys learn that women can be emotional......moody.......crazy. At least that's what guys tease about. When your sister starts her period and every month your dealing with her PMS you learn how to tread softly. It's hard for most guys to even comprehend what it's like for a girl when they loose control over their hormones. It is without a doubt a fact of life. Any man who lives with any woman knows all about mood swings and crazy. Now, more than likely, every newlywed couple goes through a period of adjustment. Sometimes those first few months or even years can be rough. If either party goes to someone for advice they're going to get the same generic, stereotypical advice that newlyweds have been getting since the dawn of time. Maybe it's your dad patting you on the shoulder telling you, "welcome to the club son". There in lies the problem many couple face when dealing with PCOS.

It is true that all women live on a hormonal roller coaster that can at times get the best of them. With PCOS that normal condition is exponentially magnified. If a girl transitions through puberty into adulthood with PCOS and is never diagnosed, it gives them a false sense of "normal". For instance, my wife never had a regular menstrual cycle, she would go through extreme mood swings and pain with her cycle. Most of the time people are going to chalk this up to normal. Once we got married it didn't take long for me to see that things where NOT normal. In the beginning the last thing I wanted to do was suggest to my wife she might actually be crazy. Now don't misunderstand, Jackie wasn't off the reservation all the time. And the symptoms were not all emotional. She would goes months with no period followed by months with heavy bleeding. For a new husband it was very frustrating. At what point do you put your foot down as a husband. I mean, what if she was just really spoiled and didn't know how to be a wife or for that matter a mature adult. At work I am hard on myself and the people around me. If a guy working next to me is wimping out I'd ride him. But not everyone can do the same things. In my marriage I didn't know how much of what was going on was me expecting a fantasy or how much was a real problem. When the mood swings got worse things got scary. Nobody outside our relationship knew what was going on. I was alone. For Jackie, when she'd have an extreme episode, she'd come out of it feeling the extreme opposite; most of the time not even remembering how bad things really got. Jackie really is a wonderful person. The person she became when she was having a bad episode was not her. Now someone might read this and shout "bipolar". That is not the nature of her mood swings. Both of us know people with Bipolar and that is not what we felt was wrong.

 A quick note on sex. I'm sure the problems sexually are obvious. For the months on end that Jackie is bleeding sex is problematic to say the least. What woman wants to even think about sex when she has a constant flow of blood emanating from her vagina. They don't feel sexy and that entire area become sore and gross to them. Now one might think I hit the jack pot the months she's not bleeding. Wrong.......women aren't men. I don't have to be emotionally into it for sex. Her sex drive simply isn't there that often. All the way around PCOS has shaped our sex-life.

  It took years before Jackie was properly diagnosed. That is a very important first step. Knowing that we weren't imagining a problem that didn't exist. From there we were able objectively handle things as they come. As a husband the most important things are commitment and patience. Jackie knows that no matter how bad an episode is or how bad things get I'm not going anywhere. I'm like Batman in the Dark Knight, I can take the crap. She can get all the negative out on me so that everyone else can get the woman she really is.

I am excited to get this study under way. We've gotten so use to dealing with things that I can't really picture life without the symptoms of PCOS.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

An Emotional Roller Coaster

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was married the spring of 2000 which was around the same time I put a lot of weight on in a short period of time and my cycles started doing weird things. On top of all this, I developed bad mood swings. Yeah I know everyone has mood swings but these were awful! It was PMS x 10!

One day I would be fine, functional and then the next... I'd cry in bed for hours, call in sick to work, not care about anything and yes... even thoughts of suicide had crept into my mind. When the last surfaced in my actions, Matthew (husband) quickly decided to move me back to my hometown. He was desperate to make me happy at that point. We didn't tell anyone, even my mother, about how bad off I was emotionally.

Moving did help though however, it wasn't long that they surfaced again. This is when we started making the connection to my cycles and mood swings. After the long haul with the doctors and we had a diagnosis of PCOS, we learned that the constant ups and downs in my hormones can alter my moods.

For the next few years, Matthew and I got real good at spotting and controlling my emotions. Even he can spot an "episode" weeks before it happens. We've learned that my body goes through this one big cycle... it's as if it thinks its pregnant, then realizes it's not, and then it thinks it's in menopause. Yeah it seems funny but it's true. I'll have physical and mental symptoms for each stage. Once we realized this though, it does make it easier to plan our lives. Matthew knows when i'm in the "realize i'm not pregnant, very sad" phase... no company is to visit, we watch movies/games at home and he lets me sleep. He also knows that during the "menopause" stage, we can go out, vacation and other activities husbands always seem to bug us about. =)

About 3-4 times a year i'll have a bad epsiode but we've got it down to just a few hours. Unfortunately it always happens during the night, don't ask me why. I wake Matt up and he sits up with me and just holds me while I cry. After 2-3 hours or so I calm down and sleep great. Its rough for him though because during my moments I do tend to rant and direct all my anger towards him but he's a trooper. Suicidal thoughts don't come up that often anymore in fact, if I think of it during my episode, I try to voice it outloud for Matt to hear so he can help me squash it.

I do want you to know that I really don't want to kill myself. What happens is that I just can't make all the millions of thoughts in my head to stop. It gets pretty painful and I just want it to stop so i'll think "I'll just cut my head off so it'll stop" type things. Although at the time i'm serious I don't feel I would EVER do such a silly thing.

Also, I realize that there are other mental conditions out there that describes what I go through and perhaps there's a connection there but these episodes are so closely connected to my cycles and we've got it down pretty much to an "art" that I really believe in my heart it's part of my PCOS.

We are very curious to see what this new PCSO treatment does to the emotional roller coasters.

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Brief History

I figure I better set the stage a bit so you have an idea on where I am in my life...

I was a skinny, bossy and never sat still kinda kid. My mom says that I never walked... I ran. With the exception of asthma and eczema, I was pretty healthy too.

I started my period around the age of 12 (1992). I remember being so excited that I ran across the house to tell my mom that I was now a woman. I can still see her smile in my mind. You know, the "ha ha just wait little girl" kinda look.

I imagine that when a girl starts her cycle, nothing is normal. Periods are irregular and light at first but eventually their bodies get on track. Well, that just never happened for me.

I don't recall exactly the years when we noticed a problem but I'd say it was probably the 8th or 9th grade. The menstrual cramps would be so bad that it would make me vomit and a couple of times black out. Now days most women would probably say they too experience similar issues however mine got worse to the point of having to stay in bed wearing an adult diaper, popping horrible "horse pills" as I would call them, to control the pain.

My grandma would have to cut up the pill in applesauce to get it down me. I'm not a pill fan at all! I have trouble swallowing them.

Anyway, this went on for years progressing to the point of serious back pain. When I couldn't walk without being in terrible pain, my mom took me to our family doctor. He looked me over thinking it was something to do with my back. Nothing came from it though, it wasn't my back.

Puberty helped me gain a little bit of weight but eventually that all shifted up, thank goodness. By the time I graduated high school I was around 150 pounds, which is pretty good for my frame.  I still had horrible trouble with my cycles but after years of the same old crap, I grew used to it.

In September of 1999 I met, Matthew, my husband. Just two days into hanging out, I knew this was the man I was going to marry. By November we were engaged and then Married April 1, 2000.

I'd say from January 2000 through that summer, I strangely put on over 100 pounds. My eating habits didn't change from before but I still put on the weight. I figured it was because I got married. They say you usually gain weight when you marry.

Matthew and I noticed that my cycles started doing weird things. I'd go months without a cycle at all and then I'd bleed for months at a time. I was also experiencing extreme mood swings. I think it kinda freaked Matt out at the time. I feel sorry for him having to deal with a crazy new bride not knowing what to do to make me feel better. Don't worry, he toughed it out and is probably more of an "expert" than me. ha ha!

Well this started the long adventure with doctor after doctor...

We started with our primary doctor who referred me to a new GYN. She immediately thought Endometriousis. She started me on some injections. After about 3 months of this, nothing changed. Matthew didn't like this particular doctor so we went to another GYN to get another opinion. The new one Matthew DID like. He was completely honest and detailed with us. He started with simple blood work. From that he noticed high levels of testosterone. He had a hunch and did some more blood work. He found that I was insulin resistant. After some further tests and research he told us that he concluded that I have PCOS.

There we have it.... I was officially diagnosed with PCOS.

Note: this all happened over the course of 6-7 years.

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My PCOS Study & Treatment

Hi! I'm Jackie and I have PCOS. What is PCOS?

WebMD describes it very well whey they say, "PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a common hormonal disorder in women that with interferes with the growth and release of eggs from the ovaries, or ovulation. It is the most common cause of infertility among women. PCOS occurs when a woman's body overproduces sex hormones, called androgens. The hormone imbalance prevents fluid-filled sacs in the ovaries from breaking open and releasing mature eggs. The fluid-filled sacs bunch together, causing many tiny cysts. Symptoms of PCOS include missed periods, abnormal facial and body hair growth, acne, and weight gain."

In other words, a pain in the butt!

I've have struggled with this condition since I was 12 (1992) and it's pretty much dictated how I lead my life. I'm tired it controlling me.. I want to control it!

I have been invited to participate in a study for the next six months. This study will included a certain PCOS treatment. I've started this blog to document this PCOS treatment in attempts to help others. Please feel free to send me your comments. I would love to hear how others are doing and their opinions on what I will be experiencing.

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