Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello Metformin

This is it... my first day on Metformin. I made sure I ate a full meal at dinner. Let it settle for a little while and down the hatch it goes. I just took one pill. She said to start with one pill a day to help get over the side effects.

It's been about 3 hours and so far so good. I feel a little nauseous but I think it's all in my head at the moment. LOL

I took tomorrow off just in case. I figure that atleast three days without having to be anywhere will make it easier to adjust to the side effects just in case.

Tomorrow I start on my exercise program. I am to start with walking so I'm going to do my Walk-A-Mile DVD every day for a week and then add in another to get started. I would walk outside but it's just way too hot right now here in Florida. Ugh!

Monday I start the diet. I will post more on that later this weekend. I still haven't laid it all out yet. *sigh*

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  1. Good luck! Your blog looks great btw.

  2. Good luck with the Metformin and the exercise/diet routine.
    I couldn't get over the side effects of the Met so I quit taking it awhile back. I know I need to start on it again, but I'm just dreading it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a new follower =]

  3. Good luck to you.

    I tried Met for a few months. I didn't have much luck because it gave me bad tummy issue and lots of gas (TMI). I will be checking back to see how you're progress is coming.