Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 7

This is day 7 on Metformin...

So far I had one bad day on Metformin, Day 3. Other than that it's been okay. I am experiences diarrhea (sorry I know, too much info) but I can deal with that.

Monday I started tracking my eating habits and started walking 1 mile each day. Here are my starting goals:

* Morning Weigh In
* Eat Breakfast
* Eat Lunch
* Take 15 Minute Break From Work (to keep stress down)
* Eat Dinner
* Take 1 Pill (500mg Metformin)
* Walk 1 Mile
* Drink 64oz Water Throughout The day
* Evening Weigh In

I'm not writing down what I eat yet. Nutritionist wants me to just focus on actually eating at every meal and drinking enough water with the daily exercise.

Today I'm not feeling well good. I do have the nausea again. I hate this part but I am grateful that it's not happening everyday!


  1. I have been on Met for a month or so now and I thankfully the nausea is starting to not haunt me half the day every day. I still get the diarrhea (tmi? NOT! Bwhahahaha) daily though and I am sure all my coworkers love suffering with me on that one! I have lost my appetite during the day and seem to be skipping lunch more often or not though :(

    I'm also on the 500mg a day routine and I tend to weigh myself now first thing in the morning.

    Good luck :) I've lost some weight (so far) but other than that, I am not noticing too much of a difference, but I am hoping this Met really helps in the long run!

  2. It's okay, I'll forgive ya for the TMI. LOL

    Are you on the time released formula?

    I'm only a week into it so we'll see how it goes.

  3. How are you ladies doing?? Ugh Met! I am taking 1500mg and I feel horrible on it. I've been taking it since Jan? and I have stopped taking it a few times bc I couldn't take feeling like this anymore then I start taking it again after a week. IK not the best idea so I am trying to just stick it out. It makes me nauseas, tired, headaches, diarrhea sometimes. I hope all is going well with you two :)