Monday, August 1, 2011

A Hard Decision

It's been a couple of week's since the visit to Chicago to initiate the PCOS Study. I have visited my Endocrinologist since then and we sat down together to review the study in detail. She explained the drug to me and assured me that it would not hurt me however, she advised me that I should be on a stronger medication.

She wants to put me on Metformin. UGH!! I hate Metformin. The study drug is good and she will be interested in seeing the results however it's no where close to the kind of progress that Metformin has on women with PCOS.

She sat down with Matthew as well and together they would like me to come off the study and start on the Metformin immediately. Now she wasn't going to force me of course but the PCOS has advanced enough recently that she feels we need to get better control of it right away. I must admit that I am having a flare up of cysts right now but I just feel awful about ditching the study. They were so wonderful there and the thought of being part of something that would lead to a medication to help provide some kind of relief to women around the world was very exciting!

I feel like I'm betraying the doctors there. Matthew keeps assuring me that this is what they do and that he's sure this happens more than I realize but I feel horrible about it.

My Endocrinologist did say that it would be a great study for women that have gone down the Metformin path and/or don't have insurance. The drug being studied is Flutamide, which is a drug they give men. She said she doesn't feel it's as good as Metformin but it would help relieve some of the symptoms such as excessive hair growth.

I know that none of these drugs is a cure but I'm down with anything that gives you some kind of relief.

It's taken Matthew and I a couple of weeks to talk and ponder this choice but we have decided to stick with my Endocrinologist. Our main goal is to have a baby and her course would be the faster path and the path with the faster relief.

I will be placed on a strict diet, much like the PCOS study had me on, and we are going start on the time released formula of Metformin. I'm dreading it!

Tomorrow is the appointment that we inform her and get the prescriptions ordered. Next step is to inform the study group...

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